The official page for Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune. We share our stories here. Stay tuned!
Ms. Shreya Pattar with our host Mr. Madhav Gandhi.

A Group Discussion on Online and Offline Marketing

Round Table 1.0 participants and judge Mr. Jasmeet Singh (center)

Pharma Mark ft. Mr. Subba Rao Chaganti

TAKE A SEAT EP01 ft. Ms. Pushpa Preeya

This piece was written for the occasion of World Entrepreneurs’ Day on Aug 21st, 2020.

Unleashing A.I.

Masterclass Day 1 ft. Miss Preksha Kaparwan

In conversation with the Daughter of India.

A session on Entrepreneurial Journeys.

Mr. Akshay Chaturvedi in Expresso Chapter 2.0

Addressing Mental Health.

A week full of fun activities.

A session on Leadership Skills.

Ms. Tina Shah in Expresso Chapter 1.0


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