Expresso Chapter 1.0

A session on Leadership Skills.

Ms. Tina Shah in Expresso Chapter 1.0

There’s only one YOU. People might do some things as you do. But no one can do exactly what you do the way you do it. YOU’RE UNIQUE. — Miss Tina Shah

Tina Ma’am shared deep insights on the various aspects of personality to develop and master to become a great leader, some of which we have concisely mentioned below:

  • Assume nobody else believes in you. That’s the best way to shoo away naysayers.
  • Be the risk-taker. Be fearless. Be the first one to take the leap of faith.
  • Play the blame game. How? People will blame you. You have to accept it.
  • Don’t make excuses. You will fail. But you have to learn from them and work on the mistakes rather than make excuses.
  • You’re going to have to get your hands dirty with the hustle. You can’t get a tree without planting the sapling and working with the manure.
  • You’ll have to learn to differentiate between reality and expectations.
  • Build relationships, not contact lists.
  • Build a team that surpasses you, outgrows you, trusts you, wants you to win.
  • The most important… Business is not a competition. You want to be the person who helps others grow.

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