Expresso Chapter 2.0

A session on Entrepreneurial Journeys.

Mr. Akshay Chaturvedi in Expresso Chapter 2.0
  • Akshay Sir focussed on reading books related to Entrepreneurship and Business Management, attending sessions, note-keeping, podcast listening. According to him, these basics were something he still follows to date.
  • A very important point was to promise yourself to improve your leadership ability with every passing day. To promise yourself to scale up your skills along with your business.

..there’s nothing that comes without hard work and patience…

Akshay Sir also shared some thought on what an entrepreneur should be focussing on with the dawn of the new normal post lockdown (pandemic):

  • Be obsessed with your customer.
  • Analyze where your company will be 5 years down the line after the new normal settles.

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