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by Madhav Gandhi

Ms. Shreya Pattar with our host Mr. Madhav Gandhi.

Being a freelancer is being self-employed. In today’s era of great digital accessibility, the need of the hour is to provide effective marketing as well as monetary content like — blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics, and illustrations. So, freelancing finds its major applications in industries like music, writing, computer programming, web designing, graphic designing and translating, etc.

So you might be wondering why should I bother to know about freelancing. As I am still a college student?

The big reason is being a college student you can have a set of skills that can apply in the practical world and that can be further monetized. There will be instances when you’ll be short on money but freelancing can help you in managing your expenses.

Here are some features of modern-day freelancing -

1. Flexibility

Freelancing lets you decide your working hours, so what’s a better job for a college student who’s packed with some tedious college lectures? Isn’t it amazing to lay your hands in something like Freelancing that gives you all that flexibility needed to work at your own pace?

2. Blossoming of opportunities everywhere.

Develop your skills, expand your horizons and build an awesome portfolio by dipping your toes into a pool of possibilities. This helps you to expand your horizon to the greatest possibilities.

3. Networking

As you start doing many projects you will start developing connections with different clients. You will have a network of people who can present future opportunities and aid you if you ever need any.

4. Fiscal Responsibility

Sometimes, a project can be cut short for a variety of reasons-budget, style, etc. Because of this, you will learn to have a Plan B. Then money management also comes aside.

In today’s world, just a college degree will not suffice. You need to have something that sets you apart from the herd! And, what’s cooler than getting paid for honing your skills?

Here are some FAQs on Freelancing, which we got answered from Ms. Shreya Pattar.

Shreya Pattar on Medium

Q. What qualities should I have when starting as a freelancer?

There’s no set of qualities required; rather you need to focus on what your client is asking for and how efficiently you can deliver the work! Moreover, try to improvise your work with a perspective of business development, this will help you understand how your piece of work is generating business or revenue it.

Q. How should I find my first client?

Reach out on social media, to the people you know. Ask if they have any projects you can work on or make a case study and present the solution to them.

Q. How can I avoid falling into some pitfalls?

  • Simplicity is the key — make it simple and try not to overthink about adding some extra elements to your work.
  • Search for clients (on loop)Do take one client at a time but keep looking for other clients. This way you can work smoothly and have continuous jobs without being buried in the sea of unfinished projects.
  • Find your own path — Do not get overwhelmed by loads of tips on the internet about freelancing. Choose one which fits your current condition and apply it.
  • Seek stability with time, don’t rush! -Do not take a lot of financial responsibility initially. Because you might not earn the same amount every month.
  • Money management — It’s your hard-earned money, respect it by managing it in a smarter way. Don’t be wild with it, try to hold it with investments that will sustain and promise lastingness.

Q. How should I price my work?

Judgment of work - You need to learn how to judge and compare your work with the similar kind of work in the market being delivered by other freelancers. Then research their charges and accordingly increase or decrease your own charges!

For articles, you can charge per word. For example, if you charge Rs.2 per word. A piece of 780 words will be charged for Rs.1560.

If you charge, for example, Rs.10 per hour. For 10 hrs, you will get Rs.1000

If you want to charge for the overall project, you can charge Rs. 1000–2000 per project.

Q. What should you ask a client on call?

Clarity is the key -

  • Ask what exactly they need for their business.
  • Ask about what they think the problem seems to be.
  • Ask them if they have a final image in mind about the content.
  • Ask if they want you to work along with any of their employees or departments in their institution.
  • Ask a lot of questions to get a good read on the client and their expectations.

In the end, here’s a small book suggestion that can further guide you in getting a clear road-map of freelancing-



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