Green Ribbon Week

Addressing Mental Health.

4 min readAug 2, 2020
A week full of fun activities.

Mental health as we all know is the most relatable topic of these times because life has become so fast. We all are going through a lot because we get indulged in a lot of things at the same time and seldom do we have someone to share our problems with. This is really affecting our mental health. Basically mental health refers to our state of mind which scientifically should remain at peace so that we can work on our ideas, think positively, feel happy, and good about ourselves. But sometimes while dealing with the problems in our lives we often forget to even smile and all the stress hit us so hard that we just start avoiding things and make our lives even worse. Somewhere along the lines of this hustle-bustle world, we just forgot the meaning of what LIFE exactly means.

Hence, to cheer up people during the lockdown and fill their lives with energy, positivity, hope, and happiness, we organized a one-week event, “GREEN RIBBON WEEK” from 18th to 24th May 2020. We filled that week with a lot of fun activities and challenges so that people try to indulge in them and forgetting their worries, and reigniting their inner peace and have what is most necessary in our darkest hours — Hope.

…to cheer up everyone out there and fill their lives with energy, positivity, hope, and happiness, we organized a one-week event - the “GREEN RIBBON WEEK”…

We started our week with a Dance Workshop and the 7-Day Gratitude Challenge. Dance is a package of energy to boost you both physically and mentally. We collaborated with Happy Feet and conducted an amazing dance workshop for our audience. Dancing to the tunes of Sauda Khara Khara, we tried to fill some energy and excitement in everyone’s lives. The 7-Day Gratitude Challenge turned out to be our best initiative actually. It is said that “Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness”. We often feel grateful for soo many things in our lives but fail to express them to the person we are grateful to or for. It’s like wrapping a gift and not giving them. So, through this challenge, we gave everyone a chance to express their gratitude towards their loved ones. We were amazed to see the number of people who accepted the challenge and tagged each other for soo many beautiful things that have happened in their lives.

Then to add a little humor in everyone’s day, on the 19th, we kept a Meme Challenge and asked people to send their original meme content. We posted those memes on our Instagram page and tried to spread laughter and smiles. Isn’t that just beautiful? Making people smile a little.

In order to soothe their minds, on 20th we organized an online Jamming Session by conducting an IG Live with singers and musicians where we all jammed and hummed their tunes. People showcased their singing soo beautifully, that just listening to them was a mesmerizing experience.

To make people realize that they too are creators and they have all the abilities to execute their beautiful imaginations, we kept an Art and Craft Activity on the 21st. It turned out to be a treat to watch that we have soo many people amongst us, with immensely awe-inspiring creativity and imaginations.

On the 22nd, we wanted to cook delicacies. So we asked all the viewers to bring out the hidden chefs inside us and make yourself and your family something really lip-smacking. They all participated enthusiastically in this cooking activity and we must tell you, that their dishes were no less than seeing any Michelin starred chef’s menu card. They all showed so much zeal in making and presenting their dishes that we felt really happy conducting this activity.

Keeping in mind the importance of health and self-care, we conducted a Self-Care and Fitness workshop on the 23rd. In this, our instructors shared a lot of self-care tips and exercises to keep us physically fit during the lockdown. Through this activity, we learned about the do’s and don’ts while exercising which we often neglect because of our lack of knowledge.

Lastly, we ended the week on the 24th with a fun Zumba Session. The purpose of this session was to make people lose all the negativity and sadness and try to step in the coming days full of hope, ideas, positivity, and happiness and propagate how being fit is no more mundane exercise routines only.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” — Glenn Close

The main purpose of organizing this event was to make people happy and make them aware of the importance of mental health and how such simple yet fun activities could cheer us up. Instead of telling them verbally, we made them perform such fun activities themselves to make them realize it’s importance and effectiveness in maintaining a healthy mind space.

At last, we would like to thank all officials, teachers, staff, members, and collaborating teams/people for making this possible.

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