Hosting Dr. Kiran Bedi

In conversation with the Daughter of India.

4 min readAug 4, 2020

Probably one of the most defining moments for the Entrepreneurship Development Cell to date and for the years to come was hosting Dr. Kiran Bedi. Words fall less when you describe her achievements and what she means to the nation and its aspiring youth. The young boys and girls look up to her and see an inspiring woman who fought against all odds to make her strong foothold in the so-called man’s world. She represented the nation at all possible levels and excelled in all her positions. The world bows before her acclaims.

Words wouldn’t be enough to jot down her accolades and so here are few of the most influential ones. Dr. Kiran Bedi known for her grit, perseverance, and righteousness is a retired Indian Police Officer, social activist, former tennis player, and politician who is currently serving as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, a Union Territory of India. She has been the first and highest woman ranking officer to join the Indian Police Service in 1972 having more than 35 years of experience in reformative policing and prison management. Her policing stood for ‘Power to Correct’, ‘Power to Prevent’, and ‘Power to get things done’. Also, she became a junior National Tennis Champion at the age of 16, and Asian Tennis Champion at age of 22 and was ranked India’s number one of her time. Even after serving the people for so many years, her philanthropic side never ceased to expand and she founded two NGO’s Navjyoti and Indian Vision Foundation. And just to let you know, we haven’t even started yet!

…I joined the Indian Police Service as a tough woman, a woman with indefatigable stamina because I used to run for my tennis titles…

On the 25th of June, 2020 we had the opportunity to talk to her on an Instagram Live session, and we had so many questions in our mind to ask her. As the live show began we started asking her all sorts of questions that the youth of today have and here were some key takeaways for us of the day.

You will have a lot of failures in life but it’s upon you as to what you want to consider as a failure. For Ma’am, she considers every setback as a stepping stone towards success. Everyone has their own different definition of failure and it is only we who can define it for ourselves and we are the only ones who can learn from it and work harder. Ma’am also mentioned how being a sportswoman helped her build her personality as a strong persona and how we all should do something or the other which we love. This helps build personality. Ma’am also focussed on how mental peace and wellbeing plays an important part in keeping one motivated. She put much focus onto being motivated from inside rather than finding it somewhere outside. When we asked ma’am as to how to find our inner calling, she gave us an amazing answer. She asked all the youth of the day to go out there and experiment. Do whatever they feel they’d like and whatever clicks them, makes them feel the best and the most confident, go for it. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Just start off then and there. She filled us with motivation and vigor by the end of the session and we so wanted to go on talking and talking. She asked all the girls out there to persevere and fight for the futures they dream about and they shall achieve it! We were all in love with the session and how Ma’am was so confident. She filled us with the power and confidence flowing in her. It was easily one of the most amazing sessions we have hosted.

“The focus is what is right before you — to give it your best. It sows the seeds of tomorrow.” — Kiran Bedi

At last, we would like to thank all officials, teachers, staff, members, Dr. Kiran Bedi Ma’am, and Governor’s Office Puducherry for making this possible.

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